2023: Nigeria will not work until we elect competent leaders


By Chukwudi NwejePresidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Mr. Peter Obi, yesterday, said Nigeria will not make progress until competent leaders are elected.Obi, who spoke at the 4th Editors Forum in Lagos said noted that incompetent leaders with competent ministers will not produce result because the buck stops at the desk of the person in charge.He said, “The only way Nigeria will work is when the person in charge understands the country.We have had incompetent leaders with competent ministers and advisers and there was no improvement.“The problem in Nigeria is that is that we have a pilot who is quiet as the country is facing turbulence, and this has left the people confused. Nigeria needs a leader who can communicate.”He noted that if elected president he would make sure that Nigeria harness its natural resources, especially land, which he said has the capacity to feed the country.

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