His Grace John Cardinal Onaiyekan, a former Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, in Abuja on Saturday, advised politicians in the country to shun any form of electoral malpractices for a credible election this year.
He said that Nigerians would not accept rigged elections anymore in the country.
He gave the warning during the celebration of his 40th anniversary as bishop, at the Holy Trinity Church, Maitama in Abuja.
He warned politicians scheming to manipulate the results of this year’s election that the current mood of the country can lead to unrest at the slightest provocation.
Onaiyekan stated that the current yearning of Nigerians is for a better country. Noting that the election would no longer be business as usual with regard to the result of the elections, he urged politicians to desist from any form of manipulation.
“All of them, whether they are in government or not, should desist from rigging or causing violence; they should not do it; they should allow this election to run in a free and fair way,” he admonished.
While insisting that he has no special candidate, Onaiyekan said the advice was for the politicians to understand that “the mood in which Nigeria now is not a mood that they will quietly accept a rigged election.”
He advised politicians to fear God, saying they would answer to their actions before Him when they leave this world.
Even if no one asks questions, God will definitely ask questions and He has His way of asking questions about the deeds of all humanity, he said.

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