The Minister in Charge of Goshen Freedom Tabernacle, GFT, in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State, Prophet Austin Ariole, on New Year’s Day, said there is hope for every Nigerian.
The cleric made the declaration in a chat with our correspondent shortly after the service on Sunday.
He insisted that “There’s hope for the poor and there’s hope for the common and for the rich” as he enjoined Nigerians, especially Christians to be focused.
While noting that the bible talks about commitment, Ariole explained that the Israelites prospered when they were committed to God.
Prophet Ariole urged Nigerians to be ready with their Permanent Voter Cards for the 2023 forthcoming general elections, saying they should go out and cast their votes.
He said, “God does not pick leaders for us. You pick your leaders and then he directs them through revelation as he did in the life of Pharaoh. When Pharaoh had a dream, and Joseph came and rescue his children.”
Prophet Ariole asked Nigerians to pick leaders they will trust just as he expressed the belief that God is with the people in the year 2023, which he declared as a year of jubilee.
“Everyone hearing the sound of my voice will jubilate. Everyone will be a partaker of the message, Jubilee in Jesus Name.”

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