APC, PDP fight over Atiku, Tinubu’s health condition


Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, director, special media projects and new media, Tinubu/Shettimma Presidential Campaign Committee (PCC) has sensationally declared the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju BolaTinubu, more phisically, spritually and intellectually fit than his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) counterpart, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.“Compared to Atiku Abubakar, the Jagaban is as fit as a fiddle. And unlike the former vice president, he has nothing to hide, he has no skeletons in his cupboard, he does not visit the dark places and he is pure in body, spirit and soul”, he said in a statement, yesterday.The statement read further: “Atiku cannot come anywhere near Asiwaju in terms of his mental or physical virility or acumen. Whether mentally, physically or spiritually, Atiku is very far behind. Worse of all, he lacks intellectual substance.“All you need to do is speak to him for ten minutes to know that his head is totally empty and that there is nothing between his ears. The man knows nothing. He is dangerously shallow.“Other than flying all over the world with his men friends and living like an Arab Sheik whist surrounded by slaves when he is in his native Dubai the man is as hollow and dull as a barrel.“In the days of President Obasanjo those of us that were in that government knew him as the pretender, the usurper and the kingslayer. We called him those names because he tried his best to usurp the powers of the then president and he sought every opportunity to undermine, insult, discredit, humiliate and dishonor him.“We thank God that each time he did so he failed. He tried his best to slay Obasanjo politically but God was with the president and he delivered him from his evil hand. It was so bad that on two separate occasions I was constrained to attempt to walk him out of cabinet meetings and I told him off in front of the entire cabinet and President but each time Obasanjo saved him. Had it not been for OBJ’s kindness, merciful nature and intervention the entire cabinet was ready to take my lead and walk out on him for his treachery.“We just couldn’t bear it anymore. After I did it the second time he never came back to any cabinet meeting again. We were pleased with that. It’s the best thing he could have done.“This is the same man that is now calling OBJ a statesman and saying he deserves a Nobel Prize and that his face should be on the naira. Atiku is lying. He does not mean a word of it. He is offering a Greek gift. He is playing politics. Deep down he hates OBJ with a passion and he has always done because the President outfoxed and outpunched him at every turn when he attempted his treacherous move to usurp him and take his place as President.“Some of us shall never forget that. A man brought you from nowhere and made you his Vice President and you tried to knife him in the back and take his position.“You tried to disgrace and humiliate him and you coveted his seat. That sounds like Lucifer when he was in heaven to me.“No matter what you say about Asiwaju Tinubu he has never betrayed those that helped him to power. He is loyal to his own to a fault whilst Atiku does not know the meaning of the word. When he and his men friends attempt to mock the Jagaban on issues of health I laugh and shake my head with pity for them.“The truth is that Asiwaju is so far ahead of Atiku in this and every other respect and they know it. As each day passes their collective ignorance, pettiness, idiocy and weaknesses are becoming more and more manifest.“A man that cannot hold his own party together wants to be president. A man that cannot empathise with the suffering of the people and that gloats when people are suffering and when there is turmoil in the land cannot be trusted with power.“A man that is trying to give the impression that he was part and parcel of Obasanjo’s success as President when in actual fact he was trying to frustrate that Government’s efforts to improve the lives of our people is nothing less than treacherous and deceitful and he cannot be trusted with power.“May God deliver our nation from the clutches of such a creature. Even Peter Obi has far more to offer than him. Atiku and his camp know that Jagaban will win this election hands down and as each day passes it is getting clearer. That is why they are so jittery.“That is why they resort to nothing but falsehood, insults and abuse. That is why the only thing they talk about is Jagaban’s health and age. We want a campaign that centres on issues but Atiku and his men friends do not even know the meaning of the word.“His team are ignorant, uncouth, disrespectful and utterly primitive and nothing reflects or manifests that more than the vituperations and asinine contributions of his garrolous, thuggish and indisciplined spokesmen. He and Dino Melaye fit each other. They are like husband and wife. Yet they are not the issue and neither do we in the Tinubu/Shettima Campaign Council care about what they say or do.“For us the issue is our beloved country Nigeria and the only person in the race that we can trust with the destiny of 200 million Nigerians is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.”When contacted, Atiku’s  media aide, Paul Ibe, promised to get back to our correspondent.  However, he was yet to get back and also did not respond to subsequent calls to his  mobile number, as the time of filing this report.Also, all efforts to reach the presidential Campaign Council was unsuccessful as the campaign spokesperson, Dino Melaye, did not respond to calls  and WhatsApp messages to his mobile number, as at press time.But one of the spokespersons of the Atiku/Okowa presidential campaign Council, Kola Ologbodiyan dismissed Fani-Kayode/s claim as rubbish.He said there was no basis to compare Atiku and Tinubu in terms of fitness and experience for the plum office.He pointed out that the APC presidential candidate has not been able to travel to more than one state unlike Atiku who is literally everywhere.Ologbondiyan described Tinubu as a mere regional ruler who cannot fit into a national position like the presidency of the country.He said Atiku is a man who understands the levers of power having been the vice president of Nigeria for eight years at a time he called glorious days on Nigeria in a civil administration.“We’re not talking about persons whose only claim is being governors for eight years. That’s not what wer’re talking about,” he said.

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