Christian Council of Nigeria upholds Obi, others in prayers


From Geoffrey Anyanwu, EnuguThe Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN) today in Enugu handed the Labour Party (LP) Presidential candidate, Peter Obi and other candidates in the 2023 general election, to God for protection in their campaigns.CCN which is holding it’s 31st General Assembly/93rd Anniversary Celebrations used Obi and the DSP Presidential candidate, Adewale Adebayo who were present as point of contact to other candidates prayed for peaceful campaigns and election and for God to select from among them one that is genuinely patriotic and with capacity to take the country out ruins.Speaking to the Assembly, Obi urge the church to show more commitment than only praying.He said, “The church bears the greatest burden of poverty and suffering. The church must be open. Only in Nigeria you have half of its population poor and the citizens are quiet, pretending as if everything is okay.“Bad leadership brought us here and we must stop it. We are looking for people with integrity and empathy. Church should take action, aside praying.” 

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