Tesla boss and Twitter owner Elon Musk, the former richest man in the world, has broken a new record as he became the first person to lose $200 billion from his net worth in human history.
According to Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Musk was the second person with over $200 billion of personal fortune after Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.
Musk’s wealth reportedly plummeted to $137 billion following the recent decline in Tesla shares which includes a massive 11 per cent fall on 27th December.
Tesla is now offering consumers in the United States a $7,500 discount for its two highest-volume models before year-end.
Recall that Musk’s fortune topped $340 billion in November 2021, which made him the world’s richest person for more than a year at a stretch.
The new Twitter owner was overtaken in December 2022 by Bernard Arnault, the French business magnate and co-founder of luxury goods powerhouse LVMH.

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