Manchester United legend, Roy Keane, has slammed defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka following the Red Devils’ Premier League 3-2 defeat to Arsenal.
Keane said Wan-Bissaka dozed off and did not do enough to Eddie Nketiah’s first goal of the game.
According to him, Wan-Bissaka lacked awareness, adding that he had a silly lacked concentration during the tie.
A brace from Nketiah and a strike from Bukayo Saka gave Mikel Arteta’s side the victory over Man Unite at Emirates.
Keane told Sky Sports: “It’s just his lack of awareness.
“It’s as if he can’t believe someone’s coming around the back of him because he can see him, he just dozes off. A silly lack of concentration, considering we praise him, saying he’s a good defender.
“Of course, he sees him. You have to be aware of him, that is his job, this is big boy stuff, these are big moments, do your job, go and attack the ball.”

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