Manchester United legend, Nemanja Vidic, has urged manager Erik ten Hag to protect under-fire captain Harry Maguire amid the player’s poor form.
Vidic wants Ten Hag to make Maguire feel powerful and strong again at Man United.
According to him, the Dutchman should feature the England international in matches that are not too strong in order for the defender to get form again and confidence.
Maguire has been criticized ever since joining Man United from Leicester City back in 2019 for £80 million.
The deal makes the 29-year-old the world’s most expensive defender, and it has been somewhat of a burden ever since on him.
Maguire has struggled at Old Trafford this season, making just 12 appearances across competitions and six in the starting lineup, with Ten Hag preferring the likes of Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez.
“It is clear that Maguire is not at his best this season. I think you can do a few things, and one of them is not to play every match as you try to find form again and get confidence. A coach could play him in easier games, not that there are many in the Premier League, and take him out for harder matches,” Vidic told the Athletic.

He continued: “The player needs to feel powerful and strong on the pitch again, not as it is now where he feels that it is not happening for him. It’s difficult to play well when you are under so much pressure because people are waiting for you to make a mistake.”

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