Former Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas, has warned the Gunners that they still have a long way to go amid the Premier League title race this season.
Arsenal currently find themselves five points clear of second-position Manchester City.
Mikel Arteta’s side also have a game in hand.
Speaking on Sky Sports, Fabregas said: “I think it is a process.
“We all know that I think everyone at the club is aware about it, Mikel [Arteta] the first, but the input he wants to put into the players’ heads, the message is that they’ve to go all-in, because as I said it would be a great statement for the team, for the confidence, for the Premier League, it’s a message to say ‘hey, we are here, we want to win it.’
“Fifty points in the middle of the season, it is still a long way to go, they still have to play Europa League, that is another thing we need to see how Mikel manages, if he’ll play the starting XI or if we will keep all the firepower for the Premier League.”

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