Former Manchester United star Jesse Lingard has lambasted the club, saying they are miles behind other clubs in the league.
Lingard, who left the club as a free agent in the 2021 summer and now plays for Nottingham Forest, claimed there had been ‘zero progress’ at the club.
The England international, who is Red Devils’ academy product and spent over 20 years at Old Trafford, feels the club are in desperate need of modernisation off the pitch.
Speaking on the Diary of a CEO podcast, Lingard said: “You know what it is, I think they’re so behind with everything.
“You see [Manchester] City’s facilities, you see Tottenham’s facilities when we go there with England and train at Tottenham, like people are miles ahead.
“Even the social side of things…they’re so behind on everything…They’re just behind in general.
“We’re just behind on a lot of things. They need to catch up a little bit.”

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