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From Jeff Amechi Agbodo, OnitshaThe Movement for Election of Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction (MENPIE) has condemned and decried the recent campaign of calumny against the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, by some Igbo political elites for their selfish interest and self-aggrandisement.The group said that generation unborn and history would be unfair and unkind to those whose only stock in trade is if not me, no one else is qualified and capable, in addition to their pull him down syndrome.The Convener of the MENPIE, Mr Vincent Ezekweme, in a statement said that Igbo leaders should change their hearts because the region has been crying for marginalisation and should not fail to utilise the opportunity.“This rare and golden opportunity to right the wrong and enthrone justice, equality, equity, egalitarian society and end marginalisation should not be allowed to elude due to selfishness, avarice, the unbridled quest for power, wealth and influence.“Nigerians are watching those opposed to relentless, patriotic and selfless efforts of Nigerians of all works of life to rediscover and take back our country through electing overarching benevolent, competent, capable, selfless and God-fearing leaders in 2023.“It is a great disservice and most unpatriotic to truncate patriotic efforts to enthroned president from southeast to assuage their long cries of marginalisation, give them a sense of belonging, douse political tension and agitations, guarantee good governance and political inclusiveness and tackles insecurity in tandem with philosophy of our founding fathers and social justice.“This collective patriotic resolved of our leading political leaders and patriotic Nigerians who bear the interest and welfare of the country at heart should be applauded and supported as we earnestly expect in 2023 reenactment of 1999 political wisdom in which presidency was zoned to South West to assuage them over annulled June 12th Presidential election won by Chief MKO Abiola of Social Democratic Party in 1993.“The southeast political, elites, religious, traditional, civil society and market leaders should take the lead, while others follow.“Remember you cannot succeed by pulling others down. Southeast political leaders should enter into their inner self and take the path of honour, integrity and yearnings and aspirations of the majority of the masses, who are truly the kings and masters as they determine and decides those who win and rules.“They should emulate and exhibit the political intelligence and sagacity of the South West who always does what is right, fair, just and commendable.“In 2003 they displayed unique, wise and unprecedented political wisdom when Alliance For Democracy (AD) failed to fill the presidential candidate in order to give block vote to then President Olusegun Obasanjo, Presidential candidate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP).“We commend and extol agents and apostles of new Nigeria of our dreams, hopes and aspirations Chiefs Ayo Adebanjo, Edwin Clarke, Pius Ezeife, Bitrus Porgu, Doyin Okupe, Pat Utomi, Datti Ahmed, Victor Umeh and others working assiduously and conscientiously to ensure political and socioeconomic justice, good governance, inclusiveness, peace and unity in the country,” Ezekwueme stated.

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