‘Ikpeazu has no intention to leave PDP


Chief John Okiyi Kalu, member of Abia State PDP Campaign Council, has rebuffed insinuation that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is working for the presidential candidate of the APC, Asiwaju BolaTinubu.In a statement yesterday, he told those speculating on the governor’s position vis-à-vis 2023 presidential election and whether he could support Tinubu to stop wasting their time.“If you know Governor Ikpeazu, you won’t mention his name in same sentence with voting for Tinubu of APC or working for his victory. That won’t ever happen.“The speculation that Governor Ikpeazu is among four governors that will suppprt Tinubu only exists in the imagination of the writer. He has made his position known in public and private engagements with party leaders at state and federal levels that he is in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the long haul.“That HE Okezie Ikpeazu, PhD, wants his party leadership to dredge up courage to accommodate all zones of our country pre and post election periods does not in anyway suggest intention to leave PDP or back Tinubu in any form or manner. He used the analogy of raising alarm about the need to fix the faults in the vehicle, PDP, that is expected to convey us to political Canaan Land. However, he also stated that if his advice is ignored that he will board the faulty vehicle with the burden off his shoulder in case the inevitable happens.“Governor Ikpeazu believes that rectifying the anomalies will give those of us from the South East a foothold to level with our people on what is in it for them in a potential PDP federal government, otherwise it will become difficult though not impossible to win.“As someone who has worked closely with Governor Ikpeazu, I can easily say that Tinubu and APC will not even be second or third choice for him if he actually feels greatly discontented with his party, the PDP. Leave Governor Ikpeazu out of your speculations and continue to vote for PDP.”

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