Indomie partners Filmhouse to launch new flavour, Jollof Chicken


By Merit Ibe     As the king of Jollof, it is only natural that the new Indomie flavour; Indomie Jollof Chicken is launched with pomp and celebration. Indomie Jollof Chicken made its first appearance to Nigerians at the premiere of Wakanda Forever, a well-acclaimed movie, on November 9, 2022. It was a night of fun, laughter, games, praises for Jollof and of course more than enough Indomie Jollof Chicken to go around.Nigeria’s number one noodle, Indomie Noodles partnered Filmhouse’s IMAX cinemas to launch the newest addition to its yummy list of flavours, the Jollof Chicken flavour at the launch of the movie. Movies x Indomie Jollof Chicken, I mean where would you rather be?The launch kicked off with the face painting session adorning the beautiful faces at the event. Next was the sampling session where everyone had an amazing time enjoying the savoury and sumptuous Jollof Chicken. Everyone had praises on their lips for the King of Jollof.The highlight of the event was Jollof Chicken regal celebration as of the King of Jollof.There was a pack of the Indomie Jollof Chicken sitting on its royal Wakanda-themed throne and praise singers eulogising it. These praise singers eulogised everyone at the launch while they displayed and showed off their costumes while sitting on the Indomie Jollof Chicken throne. The praises got them dancing and generally having a great time.The Indomie team interacted with all individuals present, whom they asked to share their opinion on Indomie Jollof Chicken experience.  The fun went on to another level when people were asked to describe jollof in their local dialect.The launch was graced by socialites and well-meaning individuals serving us their yummy looks, such as actors, influencers, ex-BBN stars and many more. The event also featured other fun activities such as the treasure hunt which saw individuals looking under their seats right before the premiere began, to win amazing prizes.The attendees had this to say: it was night of fun and lingering experiences. We cannot wait to hear the amazing reviews everyone would have for the King of Jollof. The New Indomie Jollof Chicken is available in the market and stores near you.

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