Kwankwaso hits FG hard, says Nigeria at crossroads


From Okwe Obi, AbujaPresidential candidate of New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Rabiu Kwankwaso, yesterday, took a swipe at the APC administration, noting that country was at a crossroads with the wave of insecurity, unemployment, ethnic division and economic woes.He stated this at the unveiling of his manifesto ahead of the 2023 general election, in Abuja.“Our country is, at yet another, consequential crossroad. The country has never been so divided as it is now with massive mistrust among the people.“The level of insecurity has never been this bad with everywhere being unsafe and everyone feeling threatened; the economic woes resulting into abject poverty for the majority has never been this biting with avoidable inflation and free fall of the naira.“The crises of unemployment is so alarming and there is so alarming and there appears to be no effort being made to create opportunities for the teeming unemployed youth resulting in despondency, hopelessness and the rise of crime.”He added that the education sector that was supposed to provide the backbone for our high-level manpower and human capital development “has never been so neglected resulting in the continuous rot and decay of both the services and the infrastructure at all levels of education. I call it consequential crossroads because we are where we are because of the wrong choices made by successive administrations.”

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