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 By Agatha EmeadiIt was near perfection and angels merely brought down from heaven as choir members of the Methodist Church of Trinity, Tinubu Lagos (MCTT) celebrates 103rd Anniversary of Choir of Excellence, at the Methodist Cathedral Tinubu Square, Lagos.The commemoration started with a Church service and heralded into the evening session where excellent renditions, hymns and praises were specially offered unto God in totality, least to be described as a night to behold. It saw men and women dressed in their aesthetic robes and humbled to give special thanks to the Lord through Sereno’s attractive renditions, chants and anthems in a collective night of wonders. Indeed, the team’s eight-months rehearsal was not in vain but a tremendous success carefully and dramatically delivered with songs and instruments.According to the Chairman 103rd Anniversary planning committee, Dr. Faye Iketubosin, he said the theme of this year’s choir festival is ‘Glory and Strength belong to God’ which was drawn from Psalm 96:7B and emphasizes on the need for total dependence on God and put HIM in the center of all our endeavors. With this, Iketubosin explained that choristers minister to congregations through music and lead others to experience God’s awesomeness, this explains why members rehearsed diligently for several months and featured a mixture of classical and cultural renditions comprising of two festival anthems ‘Gloria in Excelsis’ by Wolfang Amadeus Mozart and ‘Ascribe unto the Lord’ By Samuel Sebastian Wesley with other hymns and chants as well.Earlier during the service, Very Rev Dr. Oyeyemi Bamidele Sodipo during the homily merged the first and second lessons from Jeremiah 23: 1-6, Colossians 1: 11-20 and the gospel from Luke 23: 33-44 then attributed all excellence of the anniversary to God as it is contained in Psalm 96 where the theme is drawn from. He said, God is the exclusive owner and has the right to have approved the choir festival since 1919. He said this day that the festival is taking place is God’s appointed time even though previous years used to be on the November 1st of every year but noted that the choir has been singing with distinction which has translated into excellence and prayed that the joy of Lord shall be the strength of the members, organizing committee, friends and well-wishers of the church in spite of all adversaries, hunger, lack, insecurity and other challenges that individuals are faced with.In the same vein, the choir master Brig Gen Charles Adisa Bossman said, the anniversary festival is in keeping with tradition since 1919 even as many people have come and gone. It is a big thing for us, just like St. Paul’s choir London, we rehearsed for more than eight months glad to have recorded success and project to keep improving to accepted world class standard and within ourselves too.

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