New Afenifere group endorses Kwankwaso


By Chinelo Obogo, LagosA Yoruba socio-political group, New Afenifere, has endorsed the Presidential candidate of the New Nigeria (NNPP) Rabiu Kwankwaso, ahead of the 2023 presidential election.The NNPP presidential candidate who welcomed their support toward his aspiration promised to run an inclusive government, stressing his party would salvage the country from the challenges bedevilling it.“Let me on behalf of the members of our party thank the leadership of the New Afenifere, for finding us worthy of this endorsement. I am not surprised that these young men have decided to endorse us because even in Kano, North West, South, we have young men and women who are supporting this course.“I believe NNPP is for the young people, the world and everybody, so I want to thank you for the foresight and for doing the right thing and I want to assure you that our party will carry each and everyone along of you at national level, zone, state and even at grassroots.“Everybody knows where we are today in this country and the challenges that we have has to do with the type of leadership that we had right from 1999 till date and that is why we felt new ideas, new thinking must come in for us to change the status quo.“The two parties have failed in our opinion. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was the first to fail, then we thought another party in the name of the All Progressives Congress (APC) will save this country, but many people are of the opinion that even the PDP was better than the APC because of where we found ourselves in term of security, economy, dilapidated infrastructure and so on.“Our young men can not go to school either because of strike, insecurity or money to buy forms or to maintain themselves in schools but our party has come out to ensure that every child has access to education, not minding it economic status“I thank you for creating time, and I want to assure you that we will work together in the South West and in Nigeria,” he said.Earlier, the coordinator of New Afenifere, Ajibade Adeyeye, stressed that his group chose to identify with the NNPP presidential candidate because of his track record.“The New Afenifere hereby states that we have decided to take our future into our hands to prepare for the upcoming 2023 election.“We have called on our elder statesmen not to impose on us anymore but to allow us to choose our preferred presidential candidate because we believe we are old enough to make decision for ourselves and for our future.“So, on behalf of the New Afenifere, we have decided to forge ahead and endorse the candidature of Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, together with his running mate, Bishop Isaac Idahosa to see toward a new Nigeria.“Therefore, I beseech all Yorubas and Afenifere lovers, all those who want good governance, who truly want true democracy to continue to exist in Nigeria, to join hands together with us by endorsing once again.“As we know, Kwankwaso has the antecedents and track records but it is quite unfortunate that we don’t follow quality, otherwise if we keep on recycling all these old politicians, it is like recycling old wines in new bottles.“Let’s trust him as we have trusted others, if he decides to fail us, it depends on him, but I know Kwankwaso with performance,” he said.Also at the event were the vice presidential candidate, Idahosa and the party NNPP Board of Trustees chairman, Dr Boniface Aniebonam.

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