Former Imo Governor, Ikedi Ohakim has narrated his near-death experience on Monday.
Gunmen opened fire on his convoy and attacked the police escort with explosives after Ohakim escaped. Four officers died.
Ohakim recalled that he missed death by whiskers during the incident at Ehime Mbano Local Government Area.
He said they were driving between Isiala Mbano and Ehime Mbano when the motorcade was ambushed at Umualumaku.
The former governor said they were targeted from behind with a barrage of shots.
“I thought I was a dead man, and I was with two of my children – son and daughter.
“What saved me was the bulletproof vehicle. That I am alive today is by the special grace of God,”mhe said.
Ohakim said the attackers pursued and continued firing at the tyres, which are run-flat types.
“You can continue driving even after a puncture. If they were ordinary tyres, they would have cornered and finished us,” he added.
Ohakim confirmed the death of the four security personnel and the driver of their vehicle.
The politician said he was devastated by the murder.
Ohakim stressed that the matter “goes beyond the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)”.
“These are professionals. They were driving a blue colour BMW 5-series car. They came to kill me”, he declared.

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