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By Lukman OlabiyiPrince Bolaji Oyekanmi is a Social Democratic Party (SDP) House of Representatives candidate in Osun State for the forthcoming general election in 2023. In this interview, Oyekanmi who isfrom the Matanmi Royal Family of Osogbo, spoke on his determination to render a selfless and exemplary service to his constituents among other issues.Why do you want to represent your constituency at the lower legislative chamber?Probably by reason of my heritage, I am naturally compelled to ensure that our people are given quality leadership which would invariably make them have and enjoy good living conditions.And in respect to my ambition and motivation, well, we all know that Nigeria is at the crossroads and no place is spared the misrule and mis-governance of the All Progressives Congress (APC); therefore, I feel and thought I had my quota to contribute in righting the wrongs that have been perpetuated by the APC government, especially in the areas of economic mismanagement; of our security; the mishandling of our diversity, and the polarisation of the country.What is the chance of SDP in 2023 poll?As we have seen in the recently held elections in Osun State, our people have sent a signal to the professional politicians that it is no longer business as usual and so they support people based on their manifesto and pedigree and not political parties. It’s the time for party candidates to sell their candidature and not to hide behind any symbol, umbrella or broom. Answering the question straight, the chances of my party, SDP, is high because we plan to directly interact with the people, stating to them our plans and being accountable to them in the long runDo you think SDP has what it takes to produce the next president of Nigeria?Very much yes, because we have a candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo, who has demonstrated quality leadership being an entrepreneur of repute. His agenda and manifesto is clear, he is the hope for a reenergized Nigeria. Adebayo, will restore hope, lead Nigeria to unity and prosperity if elected in 2023.SDP is the only party with the right technology, philosophy and manifesto. We deserve to rule Nigeria and by the grace of God, we will be there.We have a good presidential candidate who has not only demonstrated his knowledge of law but history, anthropology, architecture and other fields.We need someone with broad mind and education like Adebayo to lead our country.How will you rate your party performance in the last gubernatorial election in Osun State?My party performance, on surface level, isn’t so great but then you’d ask whether or not we achieved something; the answer is a big yes! Our candidate, Architect Goke Omigbodun, granted an interview, not long ago, stating in clear terms that he was satisfied with having a new leadership for the state because, at some point, you want to set aside your ambition for the interest of the state. I do not want to imagine the out-going government winning a re-election.What will you do differently if elected as a member of the House of Representatives?It’s clear. In one sentence, I would ensure, with all resources available to the office, to give quality representation, leadership and serviceWhat motivated you to join politics and why SDP?Not so much of motivation, rather a challenge. Having hoped, desired, even supported others to give our people good leadership and they wouldn’t, then its good time to take the bull by its horns.On the choice of party, I’ll tell you for free, the corruption you find in government, starts from the party primaries. Unlike in my party, SDP, the process of electing flag bearers of the bigger parties is so pecuniary that it shifts the loyalty of the candidate when he emerges to the party stalwarts and not the people he pretends to represent.You were recently honoured with an award by the Osogbo National Student’s Union of Polytechnic Iree, how do you feel?Reward for good work is more work; the honour bestowed on me is the challenge to do more of what I am doing in the society;  it was in recognition of my support to the student body and our dear land, Osogbo. I promise never to disappoint them if elected. I dedicate the award to the memory of my late father, Prince Diti Oyekanmi.

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