Recently, Tbay released its 2022 annual report. The number of its registered users has exceeded 300,000, and it has become the world’s leading gift card trading platform. Why Tbay becomes a new star in the gift card industry within 3 years?
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The report showed that in the last year, Tbay’s registered users have reached 300,000, the transaction volume of the platform has been increasing steadily, the monthly GMV has exceeded 15,000,000 USD, the average daily transaction volume has reached 500,000 USD, and the number of daily transaction orders has exceeded 10,000. Furthermore, Tbay also announced their new plans in 2023, aiming to provide users with more convenient and efficient services, establish new standards for the whole industry, and give back to the society.
Launch more popular gift cards types
Tbay currently supports about 30+ types of gift cards, including iTunes gift card, Google Play gift card, Steam gift card, AMEx gift card, Foot Locker gift card, Razer Gold gift card, Roblox gift card, OneVanilla gift card, Amazon gift card, eBay gift card, etc. In 2023, Tbay will invite more gift card vendors to join Tbay, more popular types of gift cards will meet the diverse needs of users’ gift card transactions.
Add different payment methods
Tbay is always committed to providing users with a faster and more convenient payment experiences. In 2022, on Tbay platform, generally speaking, after users complete their transaction orders then they will receive payment within 1-5 minutes. Now Tbay has fully upgraded the platform payment system. In 2023, it will take less time for transferring money to the users’ account, and the currency will also be diversified, multiple currencies will be supported, such as US dollars, Cedi, and other cryptocurrencies, so each user can enjoy the most convenient payment experience.
Improve service quality and standards
Tbay put forward new standards for gift card vendors in 2022. According to Tbay’s annual report, the average response time of each vendor is just 1 minute. Tbay closed 5 gift card vendors accounts with bad services last year. The 360°monitoring system can clearly record and inspect the transaction behavior of the vendors. If transaction disputes happened, Tbay will send video evidence to users, the whole process is transparent. In 2022, user complaint rate has decreased 50% for the effective measures. In 2023, Tbay will improve standards for gift card vendors, and implement premium gift card vendors settle-in plan. The vendors will serve more users with a new look.
Expand public welfare projects
Tbay is alwawys an active practitioner for public welfare. In 2022, Tbay has donated 7 schools in Africa, benefiting a total of 1,600 students, they sent humanistic care and warmth to children, hoping to help young people thrive. Tbay’s “Donate 1,000 Schools Program” in Africa has been going well. In 2023, Tbay will continue to expand the scale and strength of public welfare, so that the project can be effectively implemented in Africa. They plan to donate about 100 schools in 2023.

Tbay said that it is very grateful to the 300,000 users for their support all the time, witnessing the rapid growth of the platform. In the future, Tbay will continue to adopt user opinions, improve product functions, do a good job in early warning and response system, provide users with better services, and build a more harmonious business ecology.
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